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Demian Glass

Welcome! I have been working with glass since 1999 at my home and studio in the San Francisco Bay area. From the beginning I experimented, developing new techniques, and exploring the limits of what glass can do. Over time I have developed a personal style that narrates a unique sense of design and color. My latest work explores use of textured and patterned glasses. I am also adding metal sculpture in collaboration with Jeff Owen. The “Sculpture Gallery” has examples.

My work is generally not production oriented. Each piece is a unique composition. Even the smallest pieces, such as the ikebana vases take individual time and I consider them little jewels.

My work can be found in private collections around the world and in fine galleries across the country. I have done custom work for people who value the look of handcrafted home accessories, such as tiles, lighting and accent pieces. I would be happy to hear from you if you are so inclined.


Display Art


Metal and Glass Sculpture

Vases and votives